About This Site

The Content

This site is primarily a place to host online materials that I have created for use with my own science classes.  I don’t mind sharing, so it is a public place.  Feel free to link to and use these materials for your own (non-commercial) purposes.

All the materials here are html5 based and work without the need for plugins and other technologies.  They should be viewable on any device running a recent version of a modern browser, although some might not be suitable for small phone screens.

Most of these materials require some engagement and interaction from the student, if only in a minimal way in some cases.  Some involve experimentation and exploration on the user’s part, others might be suitable content presentation for a flipped classroom setting.

The Legal Stuff

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on this site were created by me and are made available here under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license.  Essentially, this means that you may freely use and adapt these materials for non-profit purposes as long as appropriate credit is given to this site and derivative works are shared under a similar license.  You may NOT use these materials for any commercial purpose, e.g. you may not include them as part of a site or package for which you charge users a fee.

Many of these resources use licensed stock images.  It is NOT OK to separate the images from the resource and incorporate them into other projects.


About Me

I am Chris O’Donoghue, a teacher of middle and high school science, mathematics, computing and occasionally some other things.  I have close to 40 years experience teaching in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada.  Originally from Australia, I currently teach sciences in Winnipeg, Canada.

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