Constant Motion

This page is intended to be used with questions supplied separately.

The above animations show a car moving along a street at a constant speed. You can choose between two different animations using the buttons at the top right. The title at the top left shows which animation is currently set.

Use the Play/Pause button near the bottom centre to start the animation and to pause/restart it as desired. You can reset the animation using the Rewind button or the animation selection buttons.

A timer at the top left shows the elapsed time from when the Play button is first clicked. The timer is paused whenever the animation is paused. The timer will stop when the car runs off the screen.

A white distance scale is marked on the road. The tick marks are one metre apart. The reference point, i.e. zero metres, is also marked. Assume the positive direction is to the right and that all measurements are made from the front end of the car..

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