For Interactive Displays

These pages were created with a view to demonstrating or exploring concepts to a class using an interactive whiteboard or a projected or shared screen. As such, they are optimized for a larger screen in landscape orientation but, unless otherwise indicated, should work on most screen sizes. Some of the activities on other pages might also be suitable for a similar use but were not specifically designed with that in mind.

  • Timer. A very basic stopwatch.  For timing stuff.
  • Basic Kinematics – Demonstrate concepts of position, displacement and velocity.
  • Motion Graphs– Explore position-time graphs and velocity-time graphs.
  • Forces in Action – Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion by controlling a spaceship.
  • Vectors – Graphical addition, boat-on-a-river problems, direction conventions, and vector notation.
  • Vector Notation – Demonstrate direction conventions and unit vector notation.
  • Sound Waves – explore properties of soundwaves, wave superposition, phase and range of hearing.
  • The Visible Spectrum – Explore the connection between frequency, wavelength and colour.
  • Orbital Mechanics – Demonstrate changing orbits by changing speed, and explore transfer orbits.
  • Projectile Motion – Experiment with changing initial velocity and angle of a projectile.
  • Objects on Slopes -Illustrate the relationships between components of weight and friction for an object on a slope.
  • Visualizing Electric FieldsA work in progressNot responsive to varying screen sizes.
  • Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment – a simplified simulation for a virtual lab exercise.

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